5 Key Elements of a Digital Strategy

Nowadays, no business can afford to leave digital media out of their marketing strategy. However, these channels are in a permanent state of evolution, which means that what works for your business today can be useless tomorrow. So how can you make sure you stay on the right track?

10 Key Elements

Although there are no guaranteed formulas in digital marketing, we strongly recommend you keep a close watch on these 5 key elements to make sure your resources are being spent in the most efficient way:

1) Goal-setting
How will you know if you’re on the right track if you don’t know where you want to go? That’s why you need to set specific goals for your digital strategy. You want to sell more products? Promote a new service? Raise awareness or funds for a cause? Having defined goals will help focus your efforts as time goes by without losing sight of what you want to achieve.

2) Define your audience
There is no point in broadcasting your message to people who will not be interested in what you have to say or offer. First of all, you need to know what your target is. Who will be spending money for the product or service that you’re offering? What kind of people will be interested in sharing your content? You need to know who you are talking to in order to find better channels and tactics to reach and engage your audience.

3) Focus on quality instead of quantity
Everyone wants to have millions of Likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter, right? We’re not saying numbers aren’t important, however they shouldn’t be your only concern. What use do you have for a community of thousands if none of them belong to your target? They will not read your content, they will not share it, and they certainly will not buy from you. Instead, focus on reaching out and engaging with the people that matter to you and your business.

4) Showcase your best assets
Yes, the digital media can turn a local business into a global business faster and better than was possible before, and this is awesome. However, this also means that competition is harder, because you are not the only one in the conversation. There are probably hundreds (thousands even) who can do and say the same things as you. How do you stand out? Start by finding what makes you or your business different, therefore better, than everyone else. Use your digital channels to make sure your audience knows it.

5) Measure and optimize
This is perhaps the most important, but also the most complicated element of digital strategy. You need to set, from the very start, the means you will use to determine your success. These depend on what your goals are. Define metrics to keep track of what you’re doing and the results that each action yields to your business. We recommend this on a monthly basis at least. Knowing where you stand will help you improve your strategy and generate better results.

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