8 New Trends For Content Marketing

The marketing world is an ever changing environment. Each year new technologies and approaches are born. Because of that, marketers need to keep up to date with the new tendencies that come up.

Content marketing will be the king of the online strategies. Businesses from all types of industries will focus in creating original content to lead the way, so if you want to stand out and get the crown it is time to step up and pay close attention to these 8 new trends for Content Marketing in 2015

   1. More Personal Content

Content marketing in 2015 will go into a micro-targeting approach so that businesses can connect to their customers in a deeper and more personal way. This will make consumers more committed to the brand and will generate a stronger sense of loyalty. Consider Google’s Display Network as a powerful ally for this trend.


   2. Paid Placements will increase

Social Networks keep changing their algorithms and ways of working, this has affected the exposure organic content is getting. Having that in mind businesses will consider an increase in the paid placements for Social Media.

Remember to use the native advertising of the social tool you choose. It will make your ads appear more like ordinary content instead of nosy advertisements, plus it has better engagement rates.


   3. Marketing Automation Tools will be on the rise

Automation marketing systems help to keep control of the content generated and close supervision on the way audiences interact with it. Businesses who have managed to integrate an automation system, generated 50% more conversions.

   4. Professional content creation will use professional writers

Brands have adopted full publication channels that offer valuable information and relevant benefits to their audiences. This helps get a better ranking not only in the customer’s mind and heart at the decisive moments, but also prepares for changes in search algorithms that penalize poor content and prioritize high quality content. Keeping this in mind it comes naturally that a specialized editorial team is formed with the task of creating top-notch content to attract visitors.


   5. Distribution will be a priority to consider

Content marketing is not only about creating relevant content, you have to consider how the distribution and publication process will be. It helps no one to write an excellent article if it can’t reach or engage with your specific target. Having this in mind, 2015 will be the year for optimizing distribution channels to make sure the right content reaches the right people.

   6. Social Media Marketing will be the backbone for strategies.

Social Media’s importance will evolve from just an occasional reinforcement in on contents, to a primary distribution channel. Strategies between content generation and its distribution on social media will get deeper and full-blown. Content marketing strategies across social channels will come.


   7. Mobile Marketing will change the game

Mobile Marketing is big and integrating it into the content marketing mix will become a must to have positive results. New mobile channels are emerging, the numbers are growing so fast that it is believed mobile marketing will one day dominate the whole digital marketing scene with the rise in the use of devices like tablets and smartphones.


   8. Visual Storytelling is the next step

With the growth of content generated by many brands and businesses, marketers will need to develop more creative and engaging content marketing channels, to step up above the crowd and noise. In this, visual story telling will help you out. Don’t forget the inclusion of multimedia when telling your stories: videos, audio contents and even podcasts will complete your strategy.


Content marketing will definitely get bigger this year, it is time to embrace these trends and learn to adapt your strategies to fit those next steps.

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