How to create a Digital Marketing Plan for the Year

For all business owners and entrepreneurs, 2015 brings fresh opportunities to start new projects. Strategic planning is one of the most important aspects you should apply so that your investment and efforts do no go to waste. This is especially true for digital marketing, where the platforms and market trends change every day, meaning that actions and results require constant monitoring and optimization.

The first questions you need to ask yourself for the creation... Read more »

5 Key Elements of a Digital Strategy

Nowadays, no business can afford to leave digital media out of their marketing strategy. However, these channels are in a permanent state of evolution, which means that what works for your business today can be useless tomorrow. So how can you make sure you stay on the right track?

Although there are no guaranteed formulas in digital marketing, we strongly recommend you keep a close watch on... Read more »

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Digital Strategy

You know that your business needs an online presence. You already have the website, the Fan Page on Facebook and a Twitter profile. Where do you start? What do you post? How do you actually get people to buy from you using social media?

This is where business owners and managers often get stalled, especially when they are not familiar with social media marketing. Most of us have... Read more »